Ugly Betty was created by a young lady who is not from this planet but pretends to be. She has always had a passion for creating things and making you feel like it's a one of a kind. Since she was a little girl she made things and gave them away to anyone who fell in love with it or just to brighten up there day. She realized this was burning a hole in her mommas pocket so she stopped but deep inside she knew she really couldn't. So in order to be able to make things she new she had to take this to a new level, and that's when the idea of selling blossomed so she could do what she loved the most.                                           Some items are vintage, new, up-cycled, and have my blood sweat and tears into it (literally). Every piece I sell deserves a good home with a person who appreciates it.                                        This "Ugly Betty" loves and appreciates anyone who has helped her through this journey and that includes all you cool cats who have purchased any items along the way.